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Nordsjö gård
59196 Motala


Fishing & Hunting


Lake Stråken offers excellent fishing, including both pike and perch. A sustainable and successful collaboration with Östergötland's County Government over the past three years has served to improve the high quality of the water and the fish even more. Our fishing waters reach over about 600 acres and we can offer both charming rowing boats and motor boats. During August and September, we also fish crayfish in Stråken.


Our beautiful and pristine nature offers hunting in a peaceful and calm environment. We have plenty of beavers in the lake and in its surroundings, but the estate also offers the opportunity to shoot deer and wild boar, and ducks during September. Nordsjö's hunting grounds reach over 600 acres but larger adjacent areas are available for hunting.



  • Fishing is included in the accommodation.
  • Crayfish can be fished during August and September and according to agreement.
  • Beaver hunting: 750 SEK / person & day
  • Other hunting: according to agreement, POA.

Accommodation is not included in the above prices. All prices include Swedish VAT.