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Nordsjö gård
59196 Motala


About us

Since 2000, farming and forestry are our main focus at Nordsjö, as well as successful breeding, training and sales of young horses for showjumping. Two generations of our family run the farm together today, with a third very young generation soon ready to start learning the business. Sheep and dogs are also an important part of our farm. Guests are welcome to bring dogs and/or horses according to agreement.


The present manor house dates back to the early 18th Century and its architecture is very typical for the time and for the region. Remains from an older building can be found in the house's cellar; there has been a house on the same place well since the 16th Century. Later additions were made to the house in the mid-19th Century by renowned Swedish architect Abraham Nytröm. Two smaller side buildings, one of which dates back to the 17th Century, accompany the manor house. The extensive barn houses, including the farm's newly renovated stable, were built during the 19th Century, when the farming flourished. The formation of these three large houses, facing the manor house, is rather unusual in Östergötland and has been mentioned in several books. A number of smaller houses, contemporary with the barn houses, belong to the farm, as well as a Century-old water-run power station still in original condition, which still today provides Nordsjö with electricity.